Your First Visit
userHow Long Does the Service Last?
Gatherings last about 80 minutes. We start by singing three to four songs. Then, the speaker preaches. If you want to see our preaching style before you arrive, check out our Youtube channel for our current sermons.
If you’re visiting for the first time, we suggest that you arrive 20 minutes ahead of the service time so we can greet you and help you find a seat!
user What Should I Wear?
Whatever you’d like. You’re invited to come as you are, whether it’s a suit or shorts you feel most comfortable wearing. Heritage Church is not about what you look like or what your wear. All we request is modesty in your choice.
userCan I Attend If I Am ____________?
Fill in the blank with whatever you fear would make you unwelcome: divorced, single parent, broke, recovering addict, gay, atheist, skeptic, etc. Whether you grew up in church, have never been to church, consider yourself a follower of Jesus, or just have questions, we’d love for you to join us.
We’ll see you this weekend!
userWhat Do I Do With My Kids?
We have children who come from many of our neighboring communities and school systems. We understand that they are as much a part of our church as their parents, and grandparents. We strive to provide many opportunities to learn about Jesus, in a fun, yet safe environment. We have programs for all ages. Nursery through 12th Grade have age specific classes during the Sunday School hour, and Superkids is at 10:30AM. Seventh grade and up are encouraged to worship with their parents in our Family Worship Service.