Heritage Lifegroups

Worship Together, Grow Together, Serve Together, Pray Together

According to Acts 2:42-46, the early believers would meet together for worship during a designated time at the temple. Throughout that time though as well, they believers would meet in other believers’ homes and other places for a time of encouragement, refreshing, fellowship, and Bible study, We want to be able to take an effective model that worked for the early Christians and apply it to today’s culture. Thus, Heritage Life Groups exist. These groups meet throughout the week at various times and places for the purpose of believers coming together for fellowship and digging deeper into God’s Word and its relationship to today’s culture. Won’t you join us?
At this time, our lifegroups for the Spring have concluded. We will begin lifegroups once again in the fall! Keep checking back for updates!
f you have any other questions about Heritage Lifegroups, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to having you there!